Nikon D7200

The D7200 inspires confidence and you will be reassured by the presence of a magnesium alloy chassis that makes the DSLR structurally sound while maintaining a certain lightness. A relative lightness, because the D7200 displays 750 g card and battery in place. The exterior coating is quality and the grip is nice. A good impression reinforced by the handle perfectly designed with a “hollow” for the fingertips well adapted since it leaves enough space between the handle and the lens to make accessible two keys in front. Like most DSLRs at this level, the D7200 has gaskets to protect it from dust and splash.

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Nikon D850

The nikon D850, like the previous versions, remains big, heavy, solid SLR, in short, everything that we like in this category. Compared to its predecessor, it loses the built-in flash, which many may regret. Fortunately, it compensates for the adoption of the “new” Nikon ergonomics: Mode and ISO buttons reversal – the latter past the trigger, which facilitates manipulation with one hand – focus peaking, gain backlit keys ( but only those to the left of the screen) and, precisely, multitouch touch screen and hinged. And not to spoil it, it combines a generous diagonal of 8 cm for a definition of 2,359,000 points. At this level, needless to say that the viewfinder covers 100% of the field and that the whole is protected all the time. The EN-EL15a battery provides a range of 1,800 to 2,000 views.

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Nikon D7500

difficult to distinguish at first glance what has changed on the D7500 comparing it with the D7200. However, gradually, you will realize that it seems to have taken a slight overweight, which results from an optical illusion because on the contrary the D7500 is more compact and lighter than its predecessor, always using the fiber of carbon for its chassis. The main ergonomic difference is in the handle, more hollow, giving a grip more solid, very significant on the long focal lengths and optics heavier. Counterpart: to draw this handle, the engineers also had to redraw the motherboard, which has the direct consequence of not leaving enough room for two SD slots.

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