The revolutionary GoPro Hero 5 is here!

The GoPro still surprises us with its new version which is the Hero 5 Black which marks a real evolution. It is now waterproof up to 10 m, incorporates a touch screen, voice control and electronic stabilization.

You can order it now:

The Hero 5 differs from the previous ones by the lines that round out and try to hide a little overweight, the fault undoubtedly to the integrated screen and the watertight hull without box. The Hero 5 Black is compact enough and much less impressive than any GoPro that requires a complementary box to seal.

Still minimalist, the Hero 5 Black embeds two physical keys, a recording key on the top and a mode key that also serves as a button on the side. The latter provides access to the camera interface to navigate within the different menus. Pressing the record button when the camera is off triggers the recording automatically. Practical if the GoPro is difficult to access. A short press triggers the recording of the video, a long press the time-lapse. This is a little trick that will save you time if you are not one to read the manual. This function is titled Quick Capture can be disable.

The small screen on the front is always on and allows you to view the main information such as the mode, the battery level and the remaining recording time on the memory card. The new pictograms seem more aesthetic, but especially clearer and more legible. The Hero 5 unlike other versions, embeds a touch screen built-in 2 inches with a beautiful definition and good color reproduction.

The menus are quite well designed, but the touch is not always very fluid. Swipe to the right provides access to video and photo viewing, sliding up and down to settings, connecting to external devices, locking and voice control, and sliding to the camera left gives access to advanced settings. The beep system is also more coherent: a beep is used to signal the start of the video, three beeps when the video stops.

gopro hero5 2

You should know that the GoPro Hero5 Black is the first waterproof action-cam without box to have a touch screen. It is waterproof to 10 m without box, but a little moisture on the finger makes the touch interaction unusable. In addition, the latter is equipped with a voice function available 7 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French and German), it is necessary to think of activating it beforehand. The camera’s preferences menu gives access to 12 voice control commands, one word too many, and the camera does not respond. Recognition works pretty well provided the mouth is close enough to the microphone.

Regarding the resistance of the Hero5 Black, we regret the lack of latches at the battery slots, memory card and USB connector. A poorly closed hatch and ended the small Hero5, especially since the hatches are unclip and can completely disengage the device. We therefore recommend using the complementary shell, supplied with the camera, which is in any case essential if you want to attach accessories.

The connectivity of the Hero5 should rejoice more than one. GoPro has finally decided to align with the emerging standard, the USB-C socket, to charge its camera. If, for the moment, this format concerns mainly high-end smartphones, there is no doubt that it will equip future mobiles and certainly later, cameras.

You can get it now here:
GoPro HERO5 Black


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