Beats Studio 3, dive in the world of music

You like relaxing by listening to music while disconnecting a bit from the world. So the Beats Studio 3 are for you. With their Pure ANC (Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation) technology that offers unparalleled quality, continually blocking external sounds while restoring music and maximizing listening comfort.

You can order the porcelain rose here:
You can order the blue’s here:


On the design side, we find the soft circumaural-shaped ear cups that feature a sophisticated bellows and exclusive articulation, ensuring a custom-fit, flexible ergonomics that keeps the music inside and the noise out.

In the right atrium is the power button that also turns off the noise reduction (double short press), overlooking the 5 LEDs that automatically display the remaining battery level. Opposite, we find the classic Beats driving disc, offering the panoply of usual commands, as well as the activation of the personal assistant. The microphone performance for the hands-free kit is slightly above average, with a very good performance in a quiet environment. The outdoor capture offers a good attenuation of the surrounding noise, but a much too silent transmission of the voice of the user.

beats studio 3 2

We were surprised by the life expectancy of the Beats Studio 3 battery. Its autonomy is 22H to enjoy the freedom of wireless all day long. By disabling the Pure ANC feature in Power Saving Mode, you have up to 40 hours of uncompromising quality music. In addition, when the battery is low, the Fast Fuel technology transforms 10 minutes of charge into 3 hours of listening. Awesome isn’t it?!!

Beats Studio 3 is equipped with the new generation of class1 Bluetooth that enhances the range of your headset while minimizing connection losses. For iOS 10 or iOS users you can switch from one iCloud registered device to another, which is really handy.

You can order it now here:
Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones – Porcelain Rose

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