Canon EOS M5

With its EOS M5, Canon targets an expert audience and it feels immediately. At the editorial office, we particularly appreciate the sleek finish of the camera and this miniature SLR format, higher and squarer than most current hybrids. The textured grips at the front and back provide extra comfort to the grip that we find overall more pleasant than that of the previous version. The EOS M5 is also the first hybrid Canon to ship a viewfinder, an undeniable argument to convince experts. On the hood, the reshuffle is visible: the flash was not deleted but relocated above the viewfinder, the PASM mode wheel was positioned on the left. On the right, we find the exposure wheel completed by two dials direct access to essential parameters such as speed, opening and others depending on the mode chosen. In the middle of one of the two dials, the [Dual Func.] Key allows you to quickly switch from one setting to another without going back through the menus. This is a good idea, even if for a question of practicality we would have preferred that the wheel of exposure and the latter are reversed.

You can order it now here:
Canon EOS M5 15-45 Mirrorless Camera Kit 15-45mm Lens Kit, Wi-Fi Enabled & Bluetooth, Black

If there is one thing that bothers us particularly in this little Canon EOS M5 is required to unlock the lens before shooting, which wasted some time. In return, the lens is more compact when the camera is turned off. It is a hand to take that we would have gone well.

Another small regret, the location of the memory card is at the battery. When on a tripod, you must move the device to change the map en route and it’s a shame.

For the rest, it is overall very satisfactory. The EOS M5 has a large touch screen with a definition of 1,620,000 points and can be rotated 180 ° downwards and 85 ° upwards. We regret that it is hinged and not kneecap, which would have steered in all directions. Moreover, once the camera on a tripod, the deployment of the screen was quite complicated. On the other hand, we found the touch particularly fluid, the colorimetric rendering faithful to the reality and the angles of vision rather good. In addition, the simple and clear menus facilitate the use of the device, even for non-regulars.

Connectivity side, the EOS M5 includes a microphone jack, micro-USB and mini-HDMI. We find Wi-Fi, NFC, but also Bluetooth to quickly share files on your smartphone or to control the device remotely via the dedicated application. A touch of direct access function to Wi-Fi is located on the right edge of the device, it is always very practical and it avoids delving into the menus. No doubt, the EOS M5 is small, cute, well designed and, despite some imperfections, it seduces.

canon eos m5

Image qualities

Like the M3, the M5 embeds the 24-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor from the Canon 80D. The arrival of the new Digic 7 processor allows the M5 to extend its ISO range from 100 to 25 600 ISO against 100 to 12 800 ISO for the M3. The ISO rise remains homogeneous up to ISO 800, where it is possible to photograph without ulterior motive. From 1600 ISO, the electronic noise begins to appear, but light enough so that the photo is exploitable up to 3200 ISO. The higher sensitivities are difficult to exploit in part because of the disappearance of the details and the desaturation of the colors.


With its very classic features, the EOS M5 is not particularly video oriented. We note, however, welcome improvements, such as the ability to shoot in full HD 1920 x 1080 at 50 fps, against 25 fps for the M3. A manual recording mode now allows you to change the speed, aperture, and sensitivity during movie shooting, and AF tracking is relatively correct. We regret the absence of 4K and more advanced settings, such as a peaking focus mode to assist manual focus, zebra or a gamma adjustment. Although we appreciate the quality of the image, the sound of good quality and the ease of development via the touch screen, we find this still a little light for an expert.

You can order it now here:
Canon EOS M5 15-45 Mirrorless Camera Kit 15-45mm Lens Kit, Wi-Fi Enabled & Bluetooth, Black


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